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Comedy Movies - Guys And Dolls

BUY Guys and Dolls Deluxe Edition (dvd cover)
Deluxe Edition
Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra, Vivian Blaine
Written and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Music and lyrics by Frank Loesser
MGM 1952
MGM / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
149 minutes plus extras

Guys And Dolls Deluxe Edition most certainly earns the label in this fully loaded edition. Guys And Dolls is a great musical starring ol' blue eyes Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando in a rare song and dance role. Anybody who likes musical comedy will certainly enjoy this DVD release of the Broadway classic.

Of course, willing suspension of disbelief is necessary with any musical comedy and this DVD is no exception. If you can do that, Guys And Dolls is a very entertaining musical comedy with all the bells and whistles of a Samuel Goldwyn production. The movie version of Guys And Dolls is slightly different from the Broadway stage version with a few musical numbers cut out and a song, Adelaide, added in to showcase Frank Sinatra's crooning talents.

Nathan Detroit (Frank Sinatra) is looking for a place to run a crap game. The heat is on from Lieutenant Brannigan so finding a place is impossible. Detroit manages to find a willing host if he can put up a grand. Since he does not have a grand, he sucker bets gambler Sky Masterson (Marlon Brando) that he cannot get any girl of Detroit's choosing to go to Havana with him. The girl in question is Sergeant Sarah Brown (Jean Simmons) of the Save-A-Souls organization -a badly disguised reference to the Salvation Army.

Meanwhile, Nathan Detroit has to contend with a woman of his own, Miss Adelaide (played by Vivian Blaine) to whom he has been engaged for fourteen years. When Lieutenant Brannigan becomes suspicious of a gathering of guys wearing a red carnation, Detroit's associates tell him it if because Nathan is finally going to propose.

Brando gets the girl to Havana where she gets plastered and more than holds her own in a very funny and raucous dance number / bar brawl. When he returns, he confesses his dastardly deed to Sarah and then does everything he can to win her back.

The song and dance numbers in Guys And Dolls are generally very good though a couple, involving The Goldwyn Girls definitely feel plunked in there and are dated. You do get come classic numbers like Fugue For Tinhorns, Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat sung by Nicely Nicely (Stubby Kaye) and Brando singing Luck Be A Lady Tonight in one of the best-looking musical numbers ever.

Guys And Dolls is a great looking musical and the stylized stage version of New York City that opens the movie and which is echoed in the middle and closing numbers is a very interesting sight. If you look carefully there are quite a few sight gags at the beginning of the movie.

Special features in this musical comedy DVD include A Broadway Fable: From Stage To Screen which includes Guys And Dolls: The Goldwyn touch and Guys and Dolls: From Stage To Screen. There is also More Guys And Dolls Stories about the song Adelaide, the Brando Dance Lesson, Goldwyn's Career, On The Set, and Rehearsing Adelaide. You can also select to watch the musical performances of Fugue For Tinhorns, I'll Know, Guys And Dolls, Adelaide, Luck Be A Lady, and Sue Me (a very minor Sinatra performance).

Guys And Dolls Deluxe Edition also includes a 72-page Collector booklet with a lot of background information around the original release of the movie. Unfortunately, the stuff is basically impossible to read. You also get pictures of the various supporting material MGM sent theatre owners to support the movie and a few pictures from the movie itself.

Guys And Dolls Deluxe Edition DVD is a must for any fan of musical comedy.

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