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Funny Books - Pedestrian Safety Expert Gets Hit By Bus

BUY Pedestrian Safety Expert (cover)
Huw Davies
Cartoons by Knife and Packer
Andrews McMeel Publishing 2005
309 pages
I am a big fan of factoid and funny story books.  There are not many weird facts in Pedestrian Safety Expert Gets Killed By Bus but as the title strongly suggests there are quite a few humorous stories, weird happenstances, plain weird events and "You've got to be kidding!" reports in this follow-up to Another Weird Year by Huw Davies although the cartoons that sometimes illustrate some of the stories are, pardon the pun, pedestrian.

Fans of books like this one will probably recognize a few of the funny stories collected here but the vast majority will definitely be new news to them so this is a great acquisition for fans of the genre be it as a stocking stuffer, gag gift, or plain old present.  It is the kind of book that sits on your night table for a while as you peruse Pedestrian Safety Expert from time to time before nodding off or keep in the throne room for when you play king or queen of the castle. 

No such collection of weird tales would be complete without the kind of stupid criminal story Jay Leno particularly likes to report in the Headlines segment of the Tonight Show and there are quite a few of those (stupid criminals and stories that is).  Expert Gets Hit By Bus is divided into various sections such as Law And Order, Animals, Pillars Of The Community, Medical stories, weird and highly questionable Art, Pranks, Plain Stupid and so on.  Huw Davies manages to fit a couple of such bizarre tales on each page so a quick count would put Pedestrian Safety Expert at some 600 plus funny articles. 

This is a great little book although a couple of stories, two to be exact, could perhaps have used better proofreading or writing such as the tale on page 129 about a Singaporean lady who gave her husband-to-be 99,999 paper hearts that ends with this hard to figure out sentence about the husband "spending the rest of his life with a potential bunny-boiler."

This very minor flaw aside, Pedestrian Safety Expert Gets Hit By Bus is a fun read

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