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Funny Books - Zits: Pimp My Lunch - Scott and Borgman

Zits: Pimp My Lunch - Scott and Borgman

Zits: Pimp My Lunch
Zits Sketchbook Number 10
Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman
Andrews McMeel Publishing 2005
127 pages

Pimp My Lunch, the tenth Zits collection, will particularly appeal to teenagers and their parents. Comic artists Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman must definitely have a teenager or two around their house because their jokes about teenagers and their parents are dead on funny. No wonder this syndicated comic strip appears in some 1,200 newspapers.

For those few people unfamiliar with Zits -- I admit I was one of those-- the story and gags revolve around teenager Jeremy Duncan, his long-suffering, caring, and sometimes sarcastic parents, his friends Hector and punk kid Pierce, and his girlfriend Sara. These are all well-drawn (pun intended) characters so they are varied enough to give the team of Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman a lot of room in which to set up various relationship jokes about parents and teens and teens amongst themselves.

What is particularly refreshing about Zits, and mentioned briefly in Pimp My Lunch, is that although Jeremy Duncan is your basic lazy mope around the house never do his chores and never clean up his room teenager, he is also a 4.0 student and basically a nice guy. This is refreshing in a world where more and more syndicated strips are dark and cynical. Not that this comic is all sugary sweet. There are sometimes real issues addressed (quickly, humorously, and in passing) in this strip and Scott and Borgman definitely have a flair for irony and sarcasm.

The creators of Zits are also technologically savvy so you get quite a few funny references to Ipods, cell phones, computers, roaming charges, email, text mail, scooters, and so on. Another strength of the Scott / Borgman team is the ability to have running gags without the reader getting tired of them. A particular favorite is Jeremy' s mother' s incessant efforts to get her son to wake up and Jeremy needling his dad about his age and hair. The what men say and mean and what women say and mean is also a very funny bit.

A particularly funny panel in Pimp My Lunch is on page126 when Jeremy sends the following birthday card to his mother: Dear Mom. All the trouble I' ve given you over the years has made you a stronger person. You' re welcome.

Pimp My Lunch is one pimped Zits collection.

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