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Funny Books - Squeaky Clean Comedy

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Squeaky Vlean Comedy
1512 Dirt-free Jokes From the Best Comedians
Judy Brown
Andrews McMeel 2005
809 pages

So many joke books out there, so little time. Especially when most of them are just a compendium of old public domain chestnuts. Although we did not take the time to check to see if there are exactly one thousand five hundred and twelve jokes in Squeaky Clean Comedy, they are all clean and usually from the best stand-up comics and funny people out there.

Why get a joke book? Well, someone who can tell a good joke is always appreciated, be it in the office, at a party, or at a gathering, and this anthology of humor by Judy Brown will most definitely meet your comedic needs. Neatly divided in categories such as birthday jokes, cracks at lawyers (most courtesy of Henny Youngman), mothers, neuroses, cats and dogs -there are more jokes about dogs than cats, and even lesser topics like optical illusions and card tricks, 1512 Dirt-Free Jokes From the Best Comedians is sure to have something you can use in any occasion. The trick, of course, is to remember the punchline.

Judy Brown, who is also the author, or is it anthologist, of five other books of jokes, has selected material that covers just about the last sixty years of stand-up comedy. You get Henny Youngman but also lesser-known comics such as David Zasloff and Tom Agna so you get a Z to A selection of funny people.

Of course, the greats such as Steven Wright, Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, Bill Cosby, a cleaned up -and sometimes incomplete bit as in the baseball vs. football comparison- from George Carlin, the always funny Richard Jeni, Caroline Rhea, Wendy Liebman (of the long awaited comedy cd that is still not out there fame) Dick Gregory, Jeff Foxworthy, of course, and so on and so on.

This is a cool looking, easy to use book that even features a who's who of contributors in the back pages with some website and contact information. If there is a flaw, and we tried hard, it is that there is no page where you can search for jokes by comic.

If you are a roast or have to give a presentation, this book of jokes will most certainly come in handy. All the jokes are worth at least a smirk and none will offend. Stay away from he lawyer jokes though, don't want to get your butt sued for libel

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