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Comedy Movies - Fun With Dick And Jane

BUY Fun With Dick And Jane
Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni
Directed (?) by Dean Parisot
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
90 long minutes

It's not much Fun With Dick And Jane, the 2005 comedy remake of the Jane Fonda, George Segal comedy directed by Ted Kotcheff. This is just another bad Jim Carrey movie where Jim Carrey plays the exact same manic over the top idiot he plays in all his comedies. Tea Leoni is totally wasted here. Director Dean Parisot does not do much to make this badly written, already too long at ninety minutes dreadful excuse for a comedy even remotely interesting. I've seen coasters that were even funnier.

2005 was the year where Hollywood remade everything that had ever been funny in the past in the hope of recapturing some box office magic. With duds like Fun With Dick And Jane bombing, it then chose to blame the internet and Chinese pirates for its woes. Fun With Dick And Jane does have some interesting ideas but you are halfway through the movie before this dreadful comedy actually begins.

Jim Carrey plays Dick Harper (or is it Fletcher Reedle, Ace Ventura, Bruce Nolan, Lloyd Christmas, or Stanley Ipkiss?) whose company, Globodyne (i.e. Enron) goes under and leaves him jobless and unemployable. He then spends forty minutes running around from scene to scene and short almost funny gag to short almost funny gag before he and his wife (Tea Leoni) start doing some robberies to get a few bucks and pay their mortgage. This is where Fun With Dick And Jane actually gets somewhat funny.

Unfortunately, even those scenes are the usual over the top Jim Carrey stuff. The robbery bits where Carrey and Leoni dress up as Sonny and Cher and the Blues Brothers are quite funny. The problem here is, again, that director Parisot cannot control his star so Carrey gets to do even more over the top stupid stuff in a few scenes that is annoying and not even close to funny.

The only funny moment in Fun With Dick And Jane comes at the end of the movie where before the credits roll special thanks is give to the CEOs of Enron, Adelphia, Tyco and so on.

Fun With Dick And Jane is a really bad comedy.

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