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Funny Books - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Book Of The Dumb Volume 1

BUY Book of Dumb I(cover)
Portable Press 2003
312 pages

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series has expanded over the couple of years. One of their best outside the very funny books the Bathroom Reader series is Uncle John's Book of the Dumb. If you like the Tonight Show and Jay Leno, if you like the Headlines section on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and enjoy the stupid criminals and dumb criminals Leno mentions sometimes, The Book of Dumb is for you. This is 312 pages of funny stories about dumb criminals and stupid people.

Book of the Dumb not only has stories about dumb criminals but also stories about dumb crooks who escaped jail and then got a job driving other stupid criminals to jail. One dumb crook tried to fork off funny money: he was so bad he thought George Dubya was the president on the $100 bill. One crook was not so dumb: when asked by a judge why he should get off probation this not so stupid criminal said it was because he did not eat poppy seeds on his bagels (poppy = drugs according to this dumb crook).

Uncle John's The Book of Dumb is not only about stupid criminals but about everything dumb and stupid like stupid movies like From Justin to Kelly, Kangaroo Jack and so on. The Book of Dumb is the only place you will find a whole page about Freddy Got Fingered. There are also dumb parents like the guy who goes to a strip club and leaves his kids in the car or the mother who left her kid in the car while she visited her stupid criminal husband in jail.

The Book of Dumb also has sections on stupid government, stupid world leaders, stupid inventors, stupid lawyers, and stupid pets. The Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series and The Book of Dumb are great gag gifts and great Christmas gifts: you can read an article in one ... sitting.

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