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Funny Books - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Plunges Into Hollywood

BUY Plunges Into Hollywood (cover)
Uncle John?s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into Hollywood
Bathroom Reader?s Hysterical Society 2005
488 pages

Long-time fans of Uncle John's Bathroom will definitely get a feeling of déjà vu all over again with Plunges Into Hollywood. A vast majority of the Hollywood factoid and stories in this Uncle John's reader were originally published in previous editions the Reader itself. A little truth in advertising would have been nice. Still this is a very fun collection of funny stories, interesting facts, little known histories, and bizarre statistics related to the silver screen, movie stars, movie related stuff like movie food, bloopers, worst films, best films, and first movie appearances by various now famous actors.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges Into Hollywood follows the usual Bathroom Reader format with short one-page articles, longer two or three pagers, and much longer (for a serious sitting king of thing) five or six pagers. There is no particular order to the various factoids, Hollywood legends, behind the scene stories, and so on, in the book and this makes the reading experience better. Bathroom Readers are great for bathroom reading, as the title strongly suggests, but also perfect airplane books for that long delayed flight (usually Air Canada in my case) and great gifts for anyone who is going to be in the hospital for a while.

Plunges Into Hollywood is divided into various categories like Actors And Actresses with articles such as who almost played what part in which famous movie -Neil Diamond as Travis Bickle?, factoids about Oscar, a short history of movie munchies, dead movie stars, a lot of stories relating to monster movies including a lengthy one about the Wolfman, nasty reviews that were either accurate or really off the mark, and a whole bunch of other interesting stuff like Hollywood lingo, the rules for credits, and so on.

Although no one would accuse Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Plunges Into Hollywood to be a bible for the serious film student, anyone who enjoys the movies, including film students, will definitely enjoy this particular collection of fun, short articles that make a great read.

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