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TV & sitcom DVDs - Wallace & Gromit The Complete Collection
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Wallace & Gromit The Complete Collection
4 Half Hour Episodes
Created by Nick Park
Aardman Animation Fullscreen

Wallace and Gromit The Complete Adventures features the first four Nick Park animated features: A Grand Day Out (1989 Academy Award nominee), The Wrong Trousers (Academy Award winner 1993), A Close Shave (winner 1996 Academy Award), and 2008’s A Matter of Loaf and Death. You would be hard pressed to find more entertaining animation in a DVD set. This 4 DVD set is something the entire family can enjoy again and again.

The first Wallace and Gromit adventure is A Grand Day Out. This 23-minute animated short has Wallace running out of cheese and deciding to get some. Since the moon is made of cheese, what else can he do but build a rocket with Gromit’s assistance and go for a picnic on the surface of the moon. The story is simple but the details and the stop motion animation, even if this first one has rough edges, make for a very enjoyable short. The DVD includes commentary by Nick Park, 4 Cracking Contraptions, and a featurette.

In The Wrong Trousers Wallace gets Gromit a pair of Nasa robotic pants for his birthday to make walkies more enjoyable. Since they are a bit short on dough, Wallace rents a room to a mysterious duck who soon takes Gromit’s place. Gromit discovers the duck’s nefarious plan and rescues Wallace. This DVD is thirty minutes long and features commentary by Nick Park and 3 Cracking Contraptions.

The third Wallace & Gromit DVD is A Close Shave (30 minutes). This is probably the best of the episodes in this set. It is quite imaginative and features a nod to Indiana Jones and Terminator 2. Wallace falls in love with a shopkeeper and Gromit goes to jail for sheepicide. This episode also introduces Shaun the Sheep. Features are commentary track and 3 Cracking Contraptions.

A Matter of Loaf and Death is a half hour short animation made for BBC TV. Wallace and Gromit are bakers in a town where 12 others have already met their baker. There is a killer on the loose. Wallace becomes infatuated with Piella Bakewell, spokesperson and model for a bread company. Gromit must of course solve the crime and help Wallace out of trouble. This DVD features a Shaun the Sheep short that will hook you into that particular series as well as commentary by Nick Park and a Making Of.

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