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Funny Books - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Shoots And Scores

BUY Shoots And Scores (cover)
Uncle John?s Bathroom Reader
The Bathroom Readers? Institute
Bathroom Readers? Press / Raincoast Books 2005
292 pages

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader are the coolest and most fun factoid books around. This franchise has been around for more than twenty years and the annual Uncle John's Bathroom Reader is something my business partner knows I want as my Christmas present. You always learn something new, fun, interesting, bizarre when reading the page or two-page articles about everything under the sun. Shoots And Scores is the all-hockey factoid Uncle John's book and, well, Uncle John shoots and scores!

Shoots And Scores is basically everything you ever wanted to know about hockey in a fun, humorous factoid kind of way. The team of sportswriters headed by Frank Orr (no relation to Bobby Orr but just as good a writer as number 4 was a defenseman) really knows its stuff and can write a good, simple, easy, and fun to read page or two about the many characters, weird events, behind the scenes moments in the world of hockey. They also sprinkled, here and there, a few funny quotes from coaches players, etc. such as Ranger Rod Gilbert's "If hockey fights were fixed, I'd be in more of them.", and this great observation fro Flames' Theoren Fleury, "Getting cut in the face is a pain in the butt."

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Shoots And Scores is a great gift for anyone who enjoys hockey, the exception being the total hockey fanatic. Being one myself, having most hockey player biographies, the many hockey books by Dick Irvin and Brian McFarlane, and countless other hockey story books, little in Shoots And Scores was a revelation or really new. For example, most serious hockey fans know Lorne Gump Worsley's famous quip when asked which team gave him the most trouble as a goalie and his answer, his own New York Rangers.

Still, Shoots And Scores will have a prominent place in my hockey book collection. Good stuff and a great gift for da

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