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Articles - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Series

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Series
Bathroom Reader's Institute

The greatest book with the most unfortunate name is Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. A fairly annual very funny book of funny stories and factoids I made the mistake of skipping over a few times while browsing the comedy book section at my local book until I found a used copy somewhere and bought one. I am now addicted to this fairly annual great Christmas present very funny comedy book. What is great about Uncle John's Bathroom Reader is it is big, easy to read, a great bang for your buckage, highly entertaining, fun to read, and great popcorn for the brain. Uncle John has funny stories about court trials, funny inventions, funny people, factoids aplenty about inventions, people, historical events, television, the movies, buildings, cars, you name it, they factoid it.

Do not make the mistake of thinking this funny book series is only a bathroom reader. It is also a great read on planes, trains, and other public transportation. It makes a great gag birthday present or sincere but funny Christmas present. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader is a great time killer and would make a great gift for someone in the hospital or stuck somewhere they do not want to be. The fun thing about this comedy book is you do not have to go from page 1 to page 2 to page 3 and so on. you can let your fingers do the walking and rummage through the book. This funny book has funny articles of varying lengths from half a page to four pages, most of them being of the one, two pages variety. Also neat is the funny fact at the bottom of the page like " To win at Bingo in the old days you had to ring a bell. That's where the bing comes from." (Uncle John's Great Big Bathroom Reader, 11th Edition -A.K.A. Uncle John's number 11).

This funny book also comes in a Mother's Day version, a few versions for kids, one about the Universe, and one about funny historical stuff. It is the kind of present I get from someone each Christmas and I appreciate it although I hate waiting until Christmas to actually get it. There are few funny books, entertaining books out there that do not have a preachy feel, political rant, or chicken slop for the gullible slant to them. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series is apolitical, not interested in any cause or message aside from entertaining you with a whole bunch of facts, figures, funny stories, funny jokes, and fun factoids. Do be aware that buying one as a gag birthday gift is only going to make you want to buy another one. Do be aware that buying one for someone as a Christmas present or something is dangerous if you start reading it first: these suckers are hard to put down and hard to share.

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