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Comedy Movies - Shopgirl

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Steve Martin, Claire Danes
Based on the novella by Steve Martin
Directed by Anand Tucker
Touchstone / Disney 2006
106 minutes

Shopgirl is a charming romantic comedy on DVD that is also bittersweet and amazingly sensual. Claire Danes is great as Mirabelle Buttersfield a glove couner shopgirl at Zacks Ray Porter (Steve Martin) falls in love with. Meanwhile, her sort of recent boyfriend goes on the road and comes back quite a changed man.thanks to some audiobooks.

This may not sound like a solid premise for a romantic comedy but Shopgirl is really fascinating, beautifully filmed, well-acted, and simply fun to watch. This is a movie that believes in an intelligent audience that does not need to be telegraphed everything. Watching the evolution of the relationship between older man Ray Porter and somewhat innocent, mysterious, and self-constrained Mirabelle is fun.

Ray makes it quite clear from the start he is not looking for something long-term and Mirabelle, being an innocent, is unaware she is doing everything to keep Ray Porter interested in her. He is but, at the same time, sometimes drops the odd bomb on Mirabelle that reminds her he is not a full-time relationship kind of guy.

Near the end of Shopgirl one of Mirabelle's co-workers is quite miffed that a simple girl from Vermont can snag such a rich guy as Ray Porter so she decides to steal him away from her. Unfortunately, this is a case of mistaken identity and she seduces Jeremy, Mirabelle's first guy, instead. This definitely brings a comic touch to a romantic comedy that does not go for laughs more than simple basic emotions that balance elegantly between elation and sadness.

Shopgirl is the rare Hollywood movie that does not end with your usually predictable, sappy ending but with something a tad wee bit more realistic.

If you like Shopgirl, you will definitely enjoy the audio book version of Steve Martin's novella read by the author.

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