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Live Comedy - The Comedy Stop - Tropicana Las Vegas

Comedy Stop Logo
The Tropicana Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
8:00 p.m. non-smoking
10:30 p.m. smoking
$19.95 plus tax and fees

The Comedy Stop at the Tropicana hotel and casino in Las Vegas is a great comedy club where everything is done just right. The eight o'clock show is non-smoking, the ten thirty show is smoking so there's no problem either way. This comedy club was a must for me the week I was in Las Vegas as the headliner was my personal favorite stand-up comic Ron Shock. I had been looking forward to this performance (so I saw him three times) and I was most certainly not disappointed.

The line-up that week was Rob Sherwood as MC, Joe DeLion, a New York based comic who used to own a comedy club in Syracuse, and local favorite Ron Shock who is frequently the headliner here. The three shows I caught were very good, the best being the Thursday eight o'clock show which is when the locals show up (and when, by the way, a local Las Vegas TV station was taping the show for a special and a comedy DVD).

Rob Sherwood had the difficult job of MC and he did that very well. Like most other stand-up comics in Las Vegas he opened with a few jokes about Las Vegas and gambling to get the crowd on his side. His material on hotel adult movies was okay but his take on the various shows in town was great with a couple of funny jabs at the ancient Rolling Stones and their fans. Sherwood does not only do Vegas jokes, of course, and as a biographical and observational comic he is also quite good.

Joe DeLion was the feature stand-up comic. His stage character is that of a man on the edge and, aside from the sunglasses he puts on and takes off and puts on and takes off, which I found distracting and an obvious prop, he was also funny. He has one of the best get a reaction from the crowd jokes I have heard and he definitely got them in each show. It is the little things that drive Joe DeLion nuts and this is what his observational comic uses as an anchor to his act. Good stuff, especially the parades skit.

The headliner, and regularly so at The Comedy Stop at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, was the great Ron Shock. Shock is the greatest storyteller stand-up comic around and the fours times I saw him he did not disappoint. I was lucky enough to hear some of my favorite funny stories like Van Seats and his many newspaper story jokes like John and Martha, Duck Story, and one that has changed its premise since 9/11 about a train catching people by surprise. Shock also did some newer material like his very funny heart attack bit and I was there when he added a couple of new moments to that particularly funny story. As many headliners, Shock is great at handling the crowd and quieting the rowdy drunk lady in the front.

The Comedy Stop at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is an absolute must for any fan of stand-up comedy. A great club, good staff, great comics. Its only weakness is it advertises souvenirs for sale like t-shirts and stand-up comedy CDs that it no longer has available.

If you want to hear more about Rob Sherwood, Joe DeLion, and Ron Shock, they were nice enough to take a few minutes between shows and grant us an interview. Go to our MP3 page for those. You will also hear a really good take by Shock on how comedy is the white man's blues

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