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Live Comedy - Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King picture
Mac King
The Clint Holmes Theater
Harrah?s Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Tuesday through Saturday
1:00 and 3:00 p.m.
$19.95 plus tax

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is one of the house shows at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Even if you pay full price (there is more than one way to get a discount, especially if you are staying at Harrah's) or the cover charge, this is an absolutely great comedy show and a great magic show. Do not let the afternoon time slot deceive you (as I almost did) and believe this show is only geared towards kids or seniors or something like that. Mac King is a brilliant magician with great comedic timing and this is a show anyone can enjoy, even if you are not a big fan of magic. If you love magic, Mac King will blow you away a couple of times.

There were a few kids in the crowd the couple of times I saw this show (once with a half-price ticket, the other as Mac King's guest before an interview thanks to his manager), something that does not happen all the time as our interview with King indicates, and this comic magician made the most of it by inviting a kid on stage for a cool trick involving a camping tent. King's comedic patter is absolutely inoffensive yet he manages to work for an adult and aware audience at the same time with his subtle innuendos and references. In other words, those who are easily offended will not get it and those who came to enjoy all of what Las Vegas has to offer will laugh.

When it comes to magic, Mac King rules! His opening rope tricks are just a warm up and even then he really is good at it. Mac King is so far beyond the usual stuff in a box now you see it now you do not stuff and is much more a sleight of hand magician with tricks involving goldfish, cards, money, and really likes to have a couple of audience members up on stage. He makes the most of the audience member without ever embarrassing them, something that sometimes unfortunately happens.

Part of Mac King's success is he is an accomplished magician and his comic patter is as perfectly timed as his tricks are. His cloak of invisibility bit is funny as hell. Of course, every magic act peaks to a killer closer and King has two or three up his sleeve (or wherever he hides them). One of them in particular is absolutely mind-boggling and will definitely be something you will tell people who ask you how your experience at Harrah's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas was.

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show is a must see show that everyone will enjoy.

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