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Live Comedy - New York - New York Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Picture copyright theseriouscomedysite
3790 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2006

The New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas tries very hard to give that New Yawk experience. It is a bit of a weird concept (all the new hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are concept based) since most people who go to Las Vegas could also have gone to New York, but the concept works. New York - New York Hotel and Casino features a Coney Island style area for the kids, one of the few family friendly places I saw during my stay in Las Vegas, a roller coaster, Nathan's Hot Dog stands, and the stuff you expect to see in the real New York. Scale buildings on the inside and outside model various New York City landmarks for a complete illusion.

New York - New York Hotel and Casino does not quite achieve the illusion of being New York City. The casino streets are spotless, there is not a panhandler every five feet -although the only panhandler I saw in Vegas was outside on the skywalk to the Tropicana- you do not hear a siren every two minutes, people are not rude, and the smell of urine does not permeate the air.

The best fake New York City experience here is available at Chin Chin's one of the many restaurants in the casino. If you get the right waiter, he will repeatedly screw up your order. Unfortunately, the illusion is not complete as he was not surly enough to really make me feel I was in the city.

A much better, and as a matter of fact simply perfect, dining experience was at the Nine Fine Irishmen Restaurant. I had just been to the MGM Grand looking for sustenance and waited a good five minutes at that tropical forest themed restaurant while the staff was busy talking to each other and watching the ball games on TV. No wonder the restaurant was empty. Fortunately, I crossed over to the New York - New York Hotel and Casino and found the Nine Fine Irishmen where I was immediately greeted, seated, presented with a menu, and asked for my drink order. My waitress, Shannon (if that is her real name) was dressed in the finest Irish dance outfit and was very quick and attentive (there goes that real NYC illusion again). The food (a half rack of Guinness ribs with fries) arrived quickly and, most important, arrived hot. Although there could have been a couple of more ribs on my plate (I'll get the full rack next time) the ribs were excellent if you do not mind the slightly bitter taste the Guinness gives them. I found the prices at Nine Fine Irishmen reasonable (and better than in NYC in fact).

The New York - New York Hotel and Casino features many house shows including Zumanity but especially Rita Rudner at the Cabaret Theatre. I had the pleasure of seeing stand-up comic Rita Rudner perform so you can read the review on this site. The trick to this casino, as all other casinos, is to get the rewards card if you plan on spending any serious time or money there. The rewards card gets you discount on various house shows and so on.

I was impressed by the whole New York- New York Hotel and Casino experience and perhaps I will stay there next time I go to Las Vegas.

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