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Live Comedy - Ralph's World 2005

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Centaur Theatre
453 St Fran?ois-Xavier, Old Montr?al
Runs from July 21 - 24 2005

Some shows you have to approach with a different frame of reference. Ralph's World now playing at the Centaur Theatre as part of the Just For Laughs Festival is one such show. This is a show for the 3 to 6 year old set and on that level it is a very successful show.

Ralph Covert is a consummate performer who knows his audience and can play them like a finely tuned guitar. He jumps into his show with both feet and encourages the kids and adults to participate with so much enthusiasm that it is only the most jaded who would resist. One truly refreshing feature of Covert's performance is the complete lack of message. This is rock n roll for the under 6 set. It is just good clean danceable fun.

Audience involvement isn't limited to clapping hands or singing refrains in this one hour performance. Ralph encourages the children to come on stage with him and act out the songs pretending to be sea creatures, land creatures, trains and doing the polka. The intended audience and most of the adults in the audience have a great time during this show. One restriction that is a bit of a downer for the parents is that you are not allowed to take photos or video at Just For Laughs events, yet this is the kind of show at which every parent would love to be able to have some video and pictures of their kids on stage with Ralph.

This is a great show to see to introduce young ones to live theatre/music. Ralph Covert has a good understanding of how to get his audience to participate with him and have fun. The adults might be a little bored but this show is not about them.

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