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Live Comedy - Tommy Tiernan - Loose - July 2005

Loose (banner ad)
Theatre du Gesu
Just For Laughs Comedy Festival
July 20, 2005

Brilliant. But since a one word review will not really do, let's add a few more like solid, funny as hell, irreverential, masterful, high-energy (almost two words there) and one hell of a show. Irish comic Tommy Tiernan is the Olympic athlete on performance inducing drugs of the comedy world, that is how good this show was.

The show started with some weird, lugubrious classical music and a spotlight shone on a painting used as a backdrop to this one-man show. The second Tiernan said "Montreal" to signal the end of the show the people got on their feet and applauded. There is so much funny stuff in Loose that it is impossible to summarize. Let's say it starts out with Jesus, segues into Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, moves to some autobiographical bits, some observational comedy, and closes with anal sex. This guy definitely works blue but, unlike many other comedians, it is not used to get a cheap laugh, Tiernan doesn't need to do that.

Although the Gesu has a relatively small stage it is still big enough that a comic really has to move on it. Tiernan races across it, does that weird Irish dance step it seems all Irish comics do, leaps, runs, jumps, cavorts, and just about throws himself across that stage.

Tiernan's take is life is a great cosmic joke someone is pulling on you it is so might as well laugh at it. A comic who can make fun of a one-eyed cross-eyed friend, a stuttering buddy and get away with it without getting a single groan definitely knows what he is doing. This is one tight set. A comic who has the gonads to tell his audience "You are food, I can heat you up and cool you back down anytime I want." really has to be able to do that and this guy can do that as he plays Yo-Yo with their minds and hearts, all the while hitting every single nerve that connects to their funny bone.

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