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Comedy Movies - Bachelor Party Vegas

BUY Bachelor Party Vegas (dvd cover)
Kal Penn, Jonathan Bennett, Donald Faison
Directed by Eric Bernt
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
91 minutes

Bachelor Party Vegas is a lamer, more offensive, more stupid, dumber, and in any which way you can possibly imagine, worse comedy DVD than any National Lampoon movie I have ever seen. Logically enough, Bachelor Party Vegas is sure to be a hit with the frat boy and pubescent boy crowd (not that these two groups are any different). This is a comedy for people who think farts should be a Nobel Prize category and consequently spend a lot of time training.

To make sure he pleases his target market, director Eric Bernt throws in every possible form of titillation and makes sure it doesn't go further than titillation. If you are looking for nudity here, forget it (aside from one very short cut). He has his characters do, or attempt to do, what every pimple-faced boy or frat boy dreams of doing while in Las Vegas. To make sure his audience gets it, he opens the movie with the 10 rules for having a bachelor party in Vegas, has the main characters repeat some of them in the first minute of the movie, and repeat more of them almost every time a different scene set up in Bachelor Party Vegas.

The premise of Bachelor Party Vegas is very simple (it had to be). Five buddies, including Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle fame, go to Vegas for their friend's bachelor party. Each is in charge of a special event that will make his last days as a bachelor memorable and make this movie a comedy. Things, of course, go horribly wrong. The boys are picked up at the airport in a special services limo that unfortunately features an ugly 40-year-old lap dancer who wears her period panties under her somewhat sexy garter belt and hose. They then go to a special paintball place where whoever shoots the cute girl will get her but end up in their underwear and no girl. When they finally make it to the casino, they are taken in by a crook, given fake chips, accused of being con artists. When they get to the adult movie shoot they are supposed to witness, the star's jealous boyfriend chases them away. The boys end up in jail and though things only go downhill after that but this comedy does remain as true to its purpose as it started out to be.

Bachelor Party Vegas is one of those straight to comedy DVD releases most viewers will detest but high school boys will absolutely love and since this is the core audience the movie works. The ending to this movie is, by the way, one hell of a kick. But what happens in Bachelor Party Vegas stays in Bachelor Party Vegas.

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