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Comedy Movies - The Family Stone

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Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dermot Mulroney
Written and directed by Thomas Bezucha
20th Century Fox
102 Minutes

Diane Keaton phones in a performance in The Family Stone, a Christmas comedy that features a complicated, basically unbelievable plot, and way, way too many characters. Sarah Jessica Parker, who looks like hell in this movie, plays Meredith Morton, a stick stuck up her behind girl who goes to her soon to be fiancé's home for Christmas. Dermot Mulroney plays said fiancé.

Uptight and anal Meredith lands in a house full of characters that are nothing more than thin comedy stereotypes and has to survive a bunch of background stories that are often unexplained. Everett Stone (the fiancé) has a gay brother who has a black boyfriend, a hippie dope smoking nudist brother (Luke Wilson), a sister whose husband is not there (and if you can figure out the story Bezucha tries to tell here, kudos), and a baby sister whose role in this movie is only to make Meredith's life difficult.

Meredith asks her sister (played by Claire Danes) to come and spend Christmas with the Stone Family. Meredith then blows a fuse and runs away. This allows Everett to fall in love with Meredith's sister and Everett's brother to fall in love with Meredith.

Throw into this rather complicated and unbelievable comedy the Diane Keaton who is dying of breast cancer, Meredith setting up her nemesis with her ex-boyfriend, a few other supposedly comedic scenes, and, for no particular reason except to get all these people together, Christmas.

This is your basic dysfunctional family at Christmas comedy. There are so many other better movies to choose from, such as Christmas With The Kranks, that this one is not even a good second rental. The Family Stone is not even a good chick flick movie.

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