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Comedy Movies - Rumor Has It

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Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine, Mark Ruffalo
Directed by Rob Reiner
Warner Home Video 2006
97 minutes

Rumor Has It is yet another comedy DVD where a girl who is engaged to a nice guy sleeps with someone else and the idiot takes her back at the end of the movie. This is the double standard nobody in the movie business talks about and basically the entire story behind Rumor Has It. This aside, this Rob Reiner comedy (When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride, Stand By Me) though not his best is definitely a fun watch even if you still keep screaming RUN!!! to the Mark Ruffalo character when Anniston tries to get him back.

Rumor Has It is based on the premise The Graduate is based on the true story of Sarah Huttinger's mother and grandmother and the Dustin Hoffman character was Beau Burroughs (played by Kevin Costner). Because she feels she does not fit in with her family, Sarah believes she is the illegitimate child of said Burroughs and, after her sister's wedding, leaves her fiancé to meet the guy. Like her mother and grandmother before her, she sleeps with him. Nice guy and fiancé Jeff Daly (Mark Ruffalo) finds out, leaves her, and, unfortunately, takes her back in the end much like Sarah's father did with her mother.

This is not a brilliant, hilarious comedy DVD yet Rumor Has It definitely has its moments. Shirley MacLaine is great as the grandmother and manages to steal every scene she has. Though I have never been a fan of Anniston or that dreadful TV sitcom she was on, she is pretty good as Sarah and does not use any of the annoying acting tools she used on that really overrated sitcom.  Though this comedy is definitely a chick flick (a movie where the female character gets away with a bunch of things a male character never could in a movie and still be seen as a nice person) there are a few very funny scenes here and here. Sarah and Jeff's attempt at joining the mile high club is a good example.

Eagle-eyed viewers will enjoy the scene when Sarah wakes up in Kevin Costner's bed. On the table where there are pictures of Costner and Clinton and Costner and Castro there is also a picture of Costner and Reiner together.

Rumor Has It this is a decent comedy.

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