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Articles - Bring On The Empty Horses - David Niven


Bring On The Empty Horses
David Niven
Reissued Stodder & Houghton 2006
352 pages Paperback

There is a reason Bring On The Empty Horses by David Niven is still in print and still available in audio format – it is simply brilliant. It is difficult to imagine that someone could be so disarmingly honest, forthright and gentle all at the same time but David Niven manages not only to paint a glamorous portrait of Hollywood in the golden age but also a realistic picture of those who populated the back lots and sound stages.

The great advantage of listening to the audio version of Bring On The Empty Horses is the priceless treat of getting to hear one of the great actors of the twentieth century interpret his own words. David Niven reads with clarity and pathos and you get the feeling while listening that Niven is talking directly to you. This small detail is important because you do get the feeling that Niven is sharing with you his best stories and holding nothing back. He delivers every story with the practiced easy of someone holding court at a well lubricated, convivial, black tie dinner party.

There are no false notes to this abridged version of the book other than the fact that it is abridged. If there is a good thing to the abridged version is that it does motivate you to pick up the book and settle in for a good read. Have no doubts though – listening to David Niven talk about Gable, Goldwyn, Coleman, Astaire, Fairbanks and dozens of others stars of the Hollywood firmament is well worth the price of the CD or audio cassettes.

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