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Comedy Movies - Hoodwinked

BUY Hoodwinked (dvd cover)
Voices by Glenn Close, Anne Hathaway, James Belushi
Patrick Warburton, David Ogden Stiers
Written and directed by Cory and Todd Edwards
Weinstein Company 2006
80 minutes plus extras

Hoodwinked is a neat cartoon comedy DVD. Although no one will ever buy the soundtrack for this funny cartoon as the songs are so bad they have to be purposefully awful, the DVD of this cartoon comedy will certainly please young and old. Writers and directors Cory Edwards and Todd Edwards have taken the tale of Little Riding Hood, modernized it and gone for a behind the scenes, the true story approach.

The animation in Hoodwinked is not up to Dreamworks standards but is definitely enjoyable and has a few very original and beautiful moments such as the night scene where Red is feeling blue.  This is a very different approach to animating fairy tales. The Edwards brothers basically deconstruct the Little Red Riding Hood tale, throw in a whodunit, a few extreme sports moments for the tween set, a few allusions to the Matrix, etc in the special effects, and quite a lot of very funny gags.

At first, I gave up on Hoodwinked some 15 minutes into it but a second viewing proved most beneficial. Perhaps it is because the first few scenes of this fairly short DVD animation are somewhat formulaic: The cops come to Granny's house and interview Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, the Woodsman, and Granny. The movie really takes off after that with the many chase scenes and solid character development. Perhaps the first fifteen minutes or so of Hoodwinked did not impress because they are so Disneyesque and I missed the point that they were a parody of the usual candy-colored Disney movie.

This is the kind of comedy cartoon you will want to pause from time to time to read the various subtle jokes posted here and there in signs, etc in the background. Extra features on Hoodwinked include the usual directors commentary, deleted scenes, an extra musical video, and How To Make An Animated Film: not bad, not great.

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