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Comedy Movies - The Shrink Is In

BUY The Shrink Is In (dvd cover)
Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Carol Kane
Directed by Richard Benjamin
Universal 2000
92 minutes

The Shrink Is In is a charming ditzy romantic comedy starring Courtney Cox (of Friends fame) and David Arquette plays her second choice romantic interest after she falls in love with hunk David James Elliott. Samantha (Courtney Cox) does all this while impersonating her psychologist. This is basically your nice little comedy you'll enjoy watching and quickly forget.

When her psychologist, played by the underestimated and underused Carol Kane (Latka's girlfriend in Taxi) goes nuts while in session, travel writer Samantha Crumb (Cox) decides to take over hence the title The Shrink Is In After all, what else does she have to do? Her boyfriend dumped her at the airport, she did some community service for leaving the airplane using the emergency exit, and does her travel writing while never leaving home.

Cox is not inept as a shrink in The Shrink Is In. Some of her advice does help her patients (who, for some reason have never met the real doctor but hey this is a comedy) but she crosses the line when she talks her hunk neighbor and new patient into leaving his girlfriend for her. Meanwhile, Henry, a magazine salesman, falls in love with the doctor. You can take it from here.

This comedy DVD is another movie directed by Richard Benjamin whose directorial efforts range from the excellent Racing With The Moon or Mermaids to the atrocious like The Money Pit or Made In America. The Shrink Is In is not up there with Mermaids but it is a fun little comedy that definitely keeps you interested. Courtney Cox does do a couple of decent pratfalls and the scene where everything in the shrink's office seems to be falling apart is quite funny.

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