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Articles - Remixed: The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told

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Remixed: The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told
Darian Sewell, Sheila Campbell, Mick Winger,
4 CDs
DMS Radio Entertainment 2005

Remixed: The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told is a fun 4 CD collection of audio play versions of stories from the Old Testament. If you are a religious person or family, this is definitely something you will enjoy listening to time and again. If you are not a religious person (I am not) a greatest hits version of this 4 CD set would be more interesting and good fun.

What is Remixed: The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told doing on a comedy site? We were scouting out CDBaby, a great outlet for independent release CDs and found this release and it sounded cool. Cool it is. This is a high quality 4 CD set with good production values, great voice work, and the occasional comedic moment that adds to the listening experience.

There is a definite sense of humor behind The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told. Nothing will ever beat Bill Cosby's Noah but Noah's Ark on CD 1 is definitely a lot of fun to listen to. If you are not a big bible fan, some of the stories on this release might lack a certain interest such as the 4 Samson retellings or the adventures of Saul but if you are, I am certain you will enjoy these lesser-known tales.

For listeners who are familiar with the well-known stories such as Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, Jonah and the whale, Daniel in the lion's den, the audio versions of these stories on Remixed; The Greatest Stories Ever Told are very entertaining and fun.

Darian Sewell is the producer, writer, director and one of the actors behind Remixed and he does a solid job wearing all the hats. There are only a few actors behind this 4 CD independent release but they manage to keep the many characters they play clearly delineated in your mind. This is in part due to their ability to echo some famous Hollywood voices such as Clint Eastwood and others. I may not be the best audience for this release but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Track List

1. Adam and Eve
2. Noah's Ark
3. The Story of Samson - Part 1
4. The Story of Samson - Part 2
5. The Story of Samson - Part 3
6. The Story of Samson - Part 4
7. The Birth of Samuel
8. The Death of Eli
9. The King of Israel
10. King Saul
11. Samuel Anoints David
12. David and Goliath
13. David and Jonathan
14. Saul's Jealousy
15. The Power of Friendship
16. Saul Pursues David
17. From the Hunter to the Hunted
18. David Among the Philistines
19. The Death of Saul
20. Job - Part 1
21. Job - Part 2
22. The Fab Four
23. The Image of Gold and The Fiery Furnace
24. Daniel in the Lions' Den
25. Jonah

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