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Live Comedy - Laugh-rodisiacs Just For Laughs 2006

Laugh-rodisiacs Just For Laughs 2006
Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival
Club Soda
July 17, 2006 7:00
Also July 18, 19 7:00

Laugh-rodisiacs, also known as The Relationship Show, is a staple of the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival. Appropriately enough it features a couple heavy (and a few heavy couples) audience. The Love Master, Craig Shoemaker, hosted the event so you got two MCs for the price of one. This show featured Willie Barcena, Bob Marley, Patty Rosborough, and Mike Britt.

I had seen Willie Barcena and Patty Rosborough a couple of nights before at The Nasty Show. Although he worked a bit bluer than usual for a 7 o'clock Laugh-Rodisiacs, Willie Barcena made me laugh harder than he had a couple of nights before. I am not sensitive at all about language but I really feel Barcena would be funnier still if he could keep it a little cleaner. This is a case where I think the four letter words are a bit of a crutch more than anything else and Barcena is more than able to stand on his own two feet. With the caveat that my business partner and fellow reviewer Denis accused me of being a bit misogynistic when it comes to women stand-up comics, something I really disagree with, I found Rosborough had an off night but since a couple of people I talked to said they enjoyed her a lot, I am willing to stand corrected.

I have always like stand-up comic Bob Marley and his routine was up to my expectations and then some. The hot spot this evening was Mike Britt. It is difficult to be very different and highly original when it comes to relationship jokes but Mike Britt has managed to find a whole new comedic vein to mine when it comes to this topic.

This year's Laugh-rodisiacs, always a very hot ticket at Just For Laughs, made it even more difficult to get any of the remaining tickets this year, if there are any, and certainly made getting your tickets for next year's shows something you will want to do as soon as they go on sale.

Richard Lanoie

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