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Live Comedy - Bubbling With Laughter Just For Laughs 2006

Bubbling With Laughter Just For Laughs 2006
Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival
Club Soda
July 17, 2006 9:30
Also July 18, 19 9:30 and July 20 7:00 and 9:00

Bubbling With Laughter at the Club Soda, historically always a good ticket, outdid itself tonight. Instead of the usual MC and four or five stand-up comics the crowd was presented with the MC and nine, count ‘em nine comedians. It seems this is going to be the norm this year. This was a solid show on a very good evening out at the comedy club. It seems

Bubbling With Laughter was hosted by Alex Bornstein (the wife's voice on Family guy). The line-up included James Cunningham who has the only routine about ironing boards I have heard, Irish comic Colin Murphy who can somehow manage to segue from Hitler to breast feeding, and BC comic Tim Nutt who was brilliant. Dimitri Martin whose solo show is part of the Flying Solo series I now must absolutely see, was amazing. Imagine Mitch Hedberg or Steven Wright with a guitar and you get something close to what Martin can do with non-sequitur one-liners. This guy can really amaze you with his verbal tour-de-force.

Also on the line-up were Christian Finnegan who wants us to update the birds and the bees story, Phil Nicol whose comedy includes something like interpretive dance, Irish comic Owen O'Neill whose poetry reading bit pleased the audience but not me, Willie Barcena who was hotter than when I saw him at the Nasty Show, and Katt Williams who sort of looks like somebody did a Pimp My ride on George Jefferson.

This was a really good show. Bubbling With Laughter is always a ticket I go for at Just For Laughs and this was the best year ever for it. I chatted up a few people in the audience and everybody seemed to have a different favorite of the evening. From the nine comic line-up the comics who blew me away were Tim Nutt, out of BC, a guy who looks like the bouncer at a biker bar, and the closer, Katt Williams.

A major difference from past Bubbling With Laughter shows was the language. Nine thirty shows are usually a little bluer than the early show but this year it was bluer than ever. The audience did not seem to mind and I do not particularly care but it is a difference worth noting.

Richard Lanoie

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