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Live Comedy - John Pinette - Making Lite Of Myself - Live Show

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Making Lite Of Myself
Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival
Imperial Theatre
July 18, 2006 7:00
Also July 19 to 23 7:00 and July 21 and 22 9:30

I really love John Pinette. His stand-up comedy CD Show Me The Buffet is a prized possession in my rather large comedy CD collection. I was really, really looking forward to seeing John Pinette again as the Just For Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival where he sold tickets so quickly for this year's show the show got extended. Making Lite Of Myself was a good show.

Pinette is back on doing stand-up after some 500 shows as Edna in Hairspray. Making Lite Of Myself is a new show with a more than a few old routines thrown in. Perhaps this is part of why I was a bit bummed by his stand-up comedy show this year as I was expecting all new stuff and I was also expecting a lot from Pinette himself based on many great past experiences.

I found John Pinette a bit rusty. His going skiing bit, which I basically know by heart (either the JFL gala television version or the version from his DVD Nay Nay ) lacked a few of its components though he nicely recovered. I also noticed he blew the premise for one of the jokes in his camping in Maine bit (new material) while references to Lord Of The Rings are, in my humble opinion, getting a bit old. Also a bit odd was the very rare use of blue language, something I really do not remember this stand-up comic doing.

The new stuff was good and could definitely be expanded. Especially his being able to empathize with women after playing one for 500 shows and the too short in my opinion experience with the guy who made his shoes for Hairspray.

Still, John Pinette is a great stand-up comedian and I am more than willing to believe he had an off night

Richard Lanoie

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