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TV & sitcom DVDs - 6teen - Employee of the Month

BUY 6teen Employee of the Month
6Teen Employee Of The Month
3 Episodes
Nelvana / Teletoon
kaBOOM! 2006

6Teen is a really cool cartoon you can watch on Teletoon in Canada and Nick in the United States. This cartoon is about the adventures of 6 teenagers, Jonesy, Jude, Jen, Nikki, Wyatt, and Caitlin who are friends and spend a lot of time at the local mall where most of them are employed. Employee Of The Month, a Nelvana production and one of too few 6Teen DVD s available from kaBOOM!, features 3 episodes: Employee Of The Month, The Fake Date, and The Girls In The Band.

Employee Of The Month, written by Canadian comic Sean Cullen, has Jonesy enjoying his stint as a secret shopper, especially because he makes sure the stores he is evaluating know he is a secret shopper. On a more serious note, Nikki, the rebel employee of the Khaki Barn, is made employee of the month in an attempt to brainwash her into being just like everybody else. Although 6Teen is a only a cartoon, the conversion of Nikki into a normal person and the Khaki Barn mantra can be taken as a caustic comment on consumer society.

The Fake Date has Jen on a fake date with Jude at the Penalty Box staff party because she has the hots for the new employee. Meanwhile Jonesy, who is writing a book on dating tips, and Nikki unknowingly end up on a date after they disagree about a line in a movie. There are quite a few very funny lines and teenage dating jokes in this episode written by George Westerholm.

Episode 3 of 6teen Employee Of The Month is The Girls In The Band. Although tweens will probably enjoy this one, I found it rather boring. This is an episode that relies on fart jokes for a lot of its laughs. This show centers around the girls being fans of a boy band, male bonding, hence the fart jokes, between the boys, and Jonesy getting a job as the mall mascot. This show does not live up to the standards set by the two others in this release.

6teen is a really fun cartoon teenagers can enjoy with their parents. The only real problem is there are not enough DVDs of this series out there.

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