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Articles - James Mullinger - A Profile

I really like what I saw in the DVD comedy sampler James Mullinger made available to me during Just For Laughs this year and I am not a huge fan of British comedy. Perhaps because my experience with it has been less than stellar, the highlight of which was a Britcom show five or so years ago where the definitely British friendly crowd distinctly heard the air conditioning turn on and off and the barmaid wipe glasses dry during an evening where 5 poor stand-up comics from the Isle added their contribution to the river of flop sweat inundating the stage.

Mullinger is definitely what could be called a young up and coming stand-up comic. His bio says he started doing comedy in 2004 and he has already been at Just For Laughs two years in a row. He has also reached the final of Jimmy Carr's Comedy Idol. A Google search will also reveal this comic has a criminal past dating to 1834 when he was accused of stealing a hat, a waistcoat, and a handkerchief.

James Mullinger is a fairly autobiographical stand-up comic with a penchant for some dark material. The sampler DVD I watched features Mullinger doing material on how he is a bit of a loner, like the guy who went for a hike in the mountains of Indonesia while he send his family to the beach. I also very much liked his material on playing Canadian Trivial Pursuit.

If this British stand-up comic at Just For Laughs next year, I will make a point of catching him. Then again, if things go as well as I think they will, he will be part of one or two of the showcase shows I like to attend. If you can catch this comedian at a club near you, do so.

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