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Articles - Bird Splats - Pigeon Poop To Go

Bird Splats - Pigeon Poop To Go

Bird Splats by Jennesco is one really cool practical joke kit.  I did not quite know what to expect when we were contacted and asked to review this gag product. I pictured small pigeon poop decals on a sheet. Bird Splats are nice, long, disgusting, and, more importantly, realistic looking decals of pigeon poop as secreted from a really gigantic pigeon with a dietary problem.

There are two different Bird Splats sheets available. Dribble Splats features five rather long and stringy bird poop stickers, Bird Splats has seven decals including four big ones that almost look 3D. If you are a bit frugal, you can even cut out the splat next to the Bird Splats logo and use that as an extra little touch.

This is a cool looking and definitely fun practical joke item. The back of each Bird Splats sheet has "instructions" suggesting you use the gag stickers on car and house windows and so on. You can also use them to show you disagreement by sticking one of these onto somebody's bumper sticker, car logo, or alma mater decal.  Another good idea is to use these when non-handicapped people use the handicapped zone, park in the fire lane at the mall, take up three parking spaces in the lot because they are afraid someone will ding their precious penile replacement car, and for just about any occasion where someone acts as if common courtesy is something due them but they do not ever need to show.

I like Bird Splats and Dribble Splats because you can either stick them somewhere where the driver will not immediately notice it, or put it in a clearly visible place and watch as the victim tries to clean it off using his wipers only to discover it is a sticker. There is also the possibility of using one right after your neighbor finishes washing and polishing the car.

These are great practical joke gag items whose usage will certainly cause joy, alleviate the anger you feel towards the idiots in this world, and they are certainly cheaper than conventional therapy.

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