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Articles - Funny Isn't It?

Comedy Radio on the Internet
Funny Isn't It?
Hosted by Sherrie Fell

WPS1 is the internet radio arm of the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, a Museum of Modern Art affiliate that features an interesting list of shows about art. Funny Isn't It?   is a show hosted by Sherrie Fell about comedy. Fell is vp of Breaking Records whose recent releases include the new Sandra Bernhard, and had small roles in Dog Eat Dog and The Royal Tenenbaums.

Funny Isn't It?  is a show where Fell comes in with a theme idea and plays tracks from various comedy records and CDs to support her exploration of the theme. Past episodes included 2 on Laugh-In, a show on funny ladies, Bill Maher, Lewis Black, old time radio, and, a favorite of mine if only for its topic, two shows on All In The Family where Sherrie Fell plays tracks from one of the All In The Family records released in the seventies.

Fell does a good job as host though she uses a laugh track to enhance her humorous comments something I find a bit gimmicky. If you listen closely, you will notice Sherrie Fell, who also hosts Inside Music for WPS1, has a bit of a valley girl lilt, especially when she says for her and whatever. Her patter would be right at home on National Public Radio. Funny Isn't It, whose archived shows you can listen to at the link provided here, is an entertaining internet comedy radio show. I did wish she had done a bit more research for her two show All In The Family retrospective but then again I am an All In The Family fan so was perhaps a bit more demanding than your usual listener.

Funny Isn't It will have new shows this fall and I look forward to what Fell comes up as themes or topics.

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