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Comedy Reviews - CD - Mike Marino - Jersey: Born + Raised

Mike Marino
Jersey: Born + Raised
Live Comedy from New Jersey’s Bad Boy
Independent Release Comedy CD
49 minutes

Jersey: Born and Raised is everything a stand-up comedy CD should be. It is non-stop funny as hell and the sound is crisp and clear. I had the pleasure of catching Mike Marino at The Wiseguys show at Just For Laughs this summer and was really looking forward to getting more of him. This comic ripped when I saw him live and his CD proves this is something he does on a regular basis which is probably why you have seen him on the Tonight Show a few times.

Marino is an Italian-American comic from Joisey so there is of course material about being Italian and the Mafia. What I like is that his material on the subject is original and the kind of stuff you will, unsuccessfully in my case, want to repeat to your friends. Just the Italian President routine is worth the price of Jersey: Born + Raised. His routine about an Italian family on Family Feud is hilarious and all the other tracks are just as funny. I especially liked Time Out, the tracks about dating and the single guy (Dating For a Man, The Third Girl).

The now obligatory track about entertaining the troops in the Middle East is one of the better ones I have heard on a comedy CD. Of the forty-nine minutes or so on this independent release, only thirty seconds of it is stuff that has been done to death: the bit about the wacky wheel on a shopping cart. The Ikea bit is the only not bad routine. There are also a couple of instances where you can hear the sound guy or somebody talk in the background. Then again, I am being difficult. This is a one-shot warts and all live recording and there are no warts.

You definitely want to check out Marino's website (the link is up here). It features a couple places you can see videos, a place to buy this excellent comedy CD, and a schedule so you can plan to see him live -and you should.

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