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Articles - Sketchzilla TV

Check OUt Sketchzilla TV
Sketchzilla TV
Produced by Michael and Danny D’Agostino
Comedy Sketches on the Internet

Sketchzilla TV is a comedy website out of Chicago that features, for now, a dozen or so comedy sketch clips you can easily download. If you like sketch comedy (that looks a little like improv), you will definitely like the work of Amanda Sears, Andrew Pond, Jason Smith, James Powell, Sean Buck and a few others. Each sketch is written, rehearsed and then filmed live in a Chicago comedy club. The camera work is definitely professional quality and so are the performances.

Some of the clips available on the Sketchzilla TV site include Scene Study With Charles Nelson Reilly which is not bad though it runs a bit long and few remember or care who Charles Nelson Reilly is or was. Annie's Lonely Heart is an over the top bit about a spinster with a secret and shows these are adult oriented comedy sketches. I liked the addition of a narrator to this particular bit.

Cher's Farewell Tour, available for free download at Sketchzilla TV, is a good comedy sketch about Cher in 2020 being wheeled on stage for I Got You Babe. The performance goes downhill from there but it is very funny, especially when Sonny Bono shows up. Brooke Bagnall is a very good Cher though not quite as good as a transvestite could do her. Again, like most comedy sketches the actors do run with the gag once too often but it is a very good bit nonetheless and highly original. This is one you have to download and show your friends. It is also well-produced and should be on a DVD.

Jerry's Bird Flu Exam definitely runs long but James Powell, who works the chicken puppet, is very good at it. Sergeant Hamida's Lazy Husband Boot Camp is another very good premise for a sketch and this one worked for me.

Sketch comedy is a matter of taste. I am not its biggest fan mostly because I find a lot of improv and sketch comedy suffer from the runs too long Saturday Night Dead syndrome. Still, I enjoyed the stuff available on this site and will be checking it from time to time for updates and new bits to download.

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