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Funny Books - Getting Old Is A Joke

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Getting Old is a Joke
The Best “Old” Jokes from the Funniest Comedians
Edited by Judy Brown
RSP Inc. 2006
95 pages

Getting Old Is A Joke is a great little joke book edited by Judy Brown. It features a who's who and a who's who? of comedy and they all have something to say about aging and getting old. Getting Old Is A Joke makes a great gag birthday gift for any soon to be codger's birthday, a good reference for anyone who has to give a toast at someone's umpteenth birthday party, and, if you like joke books, is quite a find.

Judy Brown, who has put together quite a few joke books such as Mom, This Joke's For You, Dad, This Joke's For You, and countless others, has collected some of the best lines, quips, bits from stand-up comics, comedians, and funny people young and old. Granted, some of the jokes in Getting Old Is A Joke have been cleaned up a bit and some are not perfect word-for-word transcriptions, but most are very funny and there is a getting old joke for every occasion.

This joke book is divided in sections such as The Truth Is ... You're Old, At Least You've Got Your Health, Till Death Do Us Part, Here's To You, Gramps, Older Is Wiser, and, logically enough, Getting Old Is A Joke. Of course, you get jokes from Milton Berle, Bob Hope, Joan Rivers, and Phyllis Diller, but you also get funny lines from probably unknowns like Brent Cushman and Reno Goodale.

Comics like Jay Leno and Rodney Dangerfield appear a few times in this joke book about getting old as do most late night talk show personalities. These are funny, clean (or cleaned up) lines about aging, losing some of your vigor or misplacing stuff. Some of the jokes here are cute and some are a bit dark which is what makes this joke book work for me.

Personal favorites in this joke book include the folowing:

"I'm at the Ma'am stage of life. But you shouldn't be called Ma'am until you've had a mammogram."  Margaret Smith

"You know you're not a kid anymore when you point out what buildings used to be where." Jeff Foxworthy.

Getting Old Is A Joke, edited by Judy Brown is a great gag birthday gift for the old fart or fartress in your life.

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