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Funny Books - Dad - This Joke's For You

Dad – This Joke’s For You
The Best Dad Jokes From The Funniest Comedians
Edited by Judy Brown
Ronnie Sellers Productions Books
95 pages

If you know a new dad or someone who is going to become a dad again Dad - This Jokes' For You makes a great dad gift or father's day gift.  This volume of funny dad jokes edited by Judy Brown features about 190 jokes about dad by some of the best stand-up comics out there and a few people you've never heard of. All of the dad jokes in this book are clean (some have been edited for content a bit), fun, eminently quotable, and, most important, fair warning for anyone thinking or in the process of becoming a father. If you are stuck for a father's day present, Dad - This Joke's For You is a really good idea.

Dad - This Joke's For You is a very good and fun to read little collection of dad jokes. You could also see it as a bit of a fair warning gift for the man in your life who is thinking of becoming a father. As this joke book proves, being a father is a great experience that will however drive you nuts and probably to an early grave. What really makes this book work is many of the jokes here have been made tongue in cheek. After all, how else can you take this comment by uberdad Bill Cosby: "Parents are not interested in justice, they are interested in quiet."   Cosby quotes are many in this dad joke book but there are many other very funny quips such as Robin Williams' "I think God made babies cute so we don't eat them."

Judy Brown has put together quite a few joke books and Dad - This Joke's For You shows it. This is a small but easy to read little book whose only weakness are its very generic fifties style illustrations.  If you know a dad, he will enjoy this dad gift.

One last dad joke from Reno Goodale, "Having children gives your life some purpose. Right now, my purpose is to get some sleep."

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