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Articles - Blue Collar Comedy - Blue Collar TV - The Complete Second Season


Blue Collar TV
The Complete Second Season
Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry The Cable Guy
Brooke Dillman, Ashley Drane, Gary Anthony Williams
13 Episodes 2 DVDs
Warner Home Video 2006

Blue Collar Comedy has sometimes proven there can be way too much of a pretty good thing. Fortunately, Blue Collar TV The Complete Second Season is not a case in point. The thirteen episodes of Blue Collar TV, the ultimate redneck television show featuring Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, famous thespian Larry The Cable Guy, and, sometimes, Ron White are pretty good overall.

What makes Blue Collar TV and The Complete Second Season Work is some pretty good writing and a superb supporting cast. Brooke Dillman (Brenda in the utterly dreadful Larry The Cable Guy Health Inspector), Ashley Drane, Ayda Field, Heath Hyche, Peter Oldring, and Gary Anthony Williams are superior to most Saturday Night Live casts in recent years. This allows the Blue Collar TV show to have a variety of interesting characters in its many sketches.

The comedy sketches in Blue Collar TV The Complete Second Season are much better than in the first season. This may be because the redneck comics themselves feel more at ease in sketch comedy but it is also because a little bit more thought went into the characters, set-ups, and in the writing.

While season one of this sketch comedy TV show relied mainly on the premise that rednecks are dumb thus funny, season two really makes an effort to dress up the characters and go beyond the ill-mannered dumb characters.

One of the many good moments of Blue Collar TV The Complete Second Season is in show number one where the boys are sitting around before the game. Problem is the remote is way over there. This turns into a very elaborate Mousetrap game of getting the remote without getting up.

Really good bits also include Larry the Cable Guy in The Ring 3 which is related to a wedding ring, the PC Dukes of Hazard (on the Oxygen network) with General Lee displaying a rainbow flag instead of the rebel flag and a new version of the theme song.

A new addition to Blue Collar TV is the country music guest trying to do a sketch before doing a tune. These blue collar country singers include Deanna Carter, Travis Tritt, Van Zandt, and Trick Pony. Also often enjoyable is the commentary by Larry the Cable Guy.

Like any other sketch comedy television show, Blue Collar TV The Complete Second Season has its lesser moments. These include the redneck comics go to etiquette school where even the kids are not really amused.

Another comedy sketch you really want to skip is the for some reason recurring White Trash Days Of Our Lives. The What Burns Me booth is also worth skipping.

Fortunately, the highlights far outnumber the fast forward moments. I really liked the comedy sketch Night of the Living Mullets. It is funny and like a lot of the sketches here does not run too long.

Overall, Blue Collar TV The Complete Second Season is better than season one of this redneck comedy TV show. Even recurring features like the Redneck Dictionary are funnier this season.

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