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Funny Books - Sherman's Lagoon Planet of the Hairless Apes


Planet of the Hairless Apes
The Eleventh Sherman’s Lagoon Collection
Jim Toomey
Andrews McMeel 2006
128 pages

I usually like the Sherman's Lagoon comic strip and comic book collections by Jim Toomey. Planet of the Hairless Apes, the eleventh Sherman's Lagoon comic strip collection, gives this reader this cartoon has jumped the human. It happens about halfway in Planet of the Hairless Apes when Sherman and wife Megan ask Kahuna the tiki god to make them humans for a day.

Still, Planet of the Hairless Apes, the eleventh Sherman's Lagoon collection, is pretty good and will please its fans. For those few hairy apes unfamiliar with this comic strip, Sherman's Lagoon is basically a relationship cartoon on a fish scale. Sherman is the quintessential dumb husband, Megan the ever suffering wife, and neighbors Filmore the sea turtle, Hawthorne the sometime naturist hermit crab, and Thornton the laid back polar bear hibernating on a sunny island are the couple's friends and comic nemeses.

Planet of the Hairless Apes by Jim Toomey features the usual marital problems between Sherman and Megan the shark. The last important development, the birth of baby Herman, is very much downplayed in this comic collection. Megan does create a new life form while making supper (strips that will be familiar to those who bought In Shark Years I'm Dead, the fifteenth anniversary comic strip collection.) and this does make for some very funny strips.

Another good series in this eleventh Jim Toomey Sherman's Lagoon collection is the strips involving the shark going to Christmas Island to find the meaning of Christmas. Unfortunately, aside from the always very good Sunday panels, some of the stories in this collection feel a little warmed over and been there done that.

Have Sherman's Lagoon and Jim Toomey jumped the human? You can be the judge with this one.

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