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Comedy Reviews - CD - James P. Connolly - Pure Polyester


Pure Polyester
James P. Connolly
Independent Release Comedy CD

A stand-up comic with the voice of Elvis? Meet James P. Connolly and his very good independent release stand-up comedy CD Pure Polyester. As a comic, James P. Connolly comes across as your basic Las Vegas lounge lizard emcee but a very funny lounge lizard (a very interesting choice of persona fraught with risks but that works brilliantly here).

Pure Polyester is a very original comedy CD even if Connolly covers your basic funny jokes and funny stories. Biographical material is given a twist that makes it interesting and, most important, funny. His short series of funny jokes about being home-schooled, Mrs. Butterworth (don't ask, just listen to that short funny joke), and the use of tomatoes (mature subject here) are what make this comedy CD a solid winner.

James P. Connolly is not afraid of working the audience and on Pure Polyester does it successfully (although the audience's answers are nearly inaudible which is a bit of a problem that could have been fixed).

This stand-up comic's takes on old sayings such as "A penny saved" are also quite enjoyable, as are most of his terrible puns. There is no rhyme or reason to the comedy on Pure Polyester.

Those looking for straight-line style comedy (from point A to point B) will perhaps find this independent release comedy CD a bit off the beaten path but a couple of listens will soon make you a fan of Connolly's very strange mind.

Aside from the quibble about the audibility of the audience member's responses, the sound quality of Pure Polyester is excellent. This does not sound like a simple live recording similar to a bootleg album but like the high quality comedy CD it is.

If the name James P. Connolly is rings a bell it if probably because you are familiar with VH1's Movie Obsessions or have been to comedy clubs in California or the west coast. If the name James P. Connolly is not familiar buy Pure Polyester: it is original, different, and very funny.

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