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Live Comedy - Russell Peters - In Concert

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Russell Peters Live
With Ruben Paul and Gavin Stevens
Place des Arts Theatre Maisonneuve
Montreal, September 12, 2006

Stand-up comic Russell Peters does an excellent show. If you are lucky enough to have a ticket for his next sold-out performance you are really going to enjoy his stand-up comedy show. If, like many people, you were late getting your tickets for the Russell Peters show you already have a fair idea of how good this comic is from Outsourced or the show available on the internet and you will just have to learn to check his website on a regular basis so next time you`ll know ahead of time he is coming to town and get tickets early, and I mean early, very early.

Do not expect Russell Peters to do the material on Outsourced, his excellent stand-up comedy CD and stand-up comedy DVD. This comic is also not going to do his early stuff, though I wished he had indulged his long-time fans and done maybe one older comedy bit. A Russell Peters show is all new stuff that plays on this stand-up comic`s many fortes. If you sit in the front rows you know he is going to riff with you without ever getting in your face or mean about it. Peters has the uncanny ability of turning what the audience tells him into a very good laugh without ever seeming to pause and think. He can also recall that joke later on if need be. Even a veteran stand-up comedy fan can be amazed at how good Peters is at this stuff.

The show we saw also featured Peters doing the kind of culturally diverse material that makes Outsourced so original and so much fun. This time around, he is mining the cultural differences in sign language and playing around with the attempts of the American Sign Language people to make the sign for various ethnic groups less offensive (for example, you do not need to know any sign language to know how to sign Chinese). The routine we saw at Place des Arts in Montreal was, though very good, a work in progress so I am really looking forward to catching this stand-up comedy routine again at a later date to see how it evolved and the final product.

Peters is also a biographical comic and he that kind of comedy material in his Place des Arts show. We should all thank Mr. and Mrs. Peters for being who they are as they are very peculiar and funny people according to their son and a source of some very funny material. To be difficult, I would have liked a bit more of this stuff during the show but there you go. Interestingly, what his missing from his biographical stand-up comedy is stuff about his brother and manager.

Russell Peters at Place des Arts was little less than a two hour show with stand-up comic Ruben Paul being the opener and MC and Gavin Stevens doing the middle. They were both very enjoyable though I enjoyed Paul a bit more. The sound at Place des Arts for the opening acts was very tinny, as if sometimes coming from computer speakers. This is the second stand-up comedy show I have seen at Place des Arts in the last couple of months and the second time sound is a bit of an issue. It was, however, much better for the headliner.

If you have your copy of Peters' stand-up comedy DVD or CD Outsourced you might want to bring it to his show. Peters spent a lot of time after the show signing autographs for the audience so both my business partner and I now have a signed copy of Outsourced (which is way cool!). It is nice to see a stand-up comic who is as affable off stage as he is on stage.

Russell Peters live is a show you have to go see.

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