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Foreign Comedy - Mexico - Duck Season

Duck Season
Enrique Arreola, Diego Catano, Danny Perea
Directed by Fernanco Eimbcke
Warner Home Video 2006
88 minutes

Duck Season, a Mexican comedy DVD comes after the enormous success of his "Y tu mamá también", a picture that obtained Mexican and international recognition due to a very smart advertising campaign supported by the scandal of two young men - Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna - sharing their sexual life between them and with a dying foreigner - Maribel Verdún and not based on its fragile cinematographic quality. Executive Producer Alfonso Cuarón offers a promising story in Duck Season.

In today's Mexico City a number of circumstances bring together four marginal characters who, in this Mexican comedy, live their self conscious lives. So far, nothing excessively new but a rather appealing premise. Let's go a little deeper.

The story blends a large number of elements which not even the most candid mind could accept. Flama's mother - a 15 year old teenager - goes to a social gathering, leaving him with his co-generational friend Moko. During her absence, Flama allows a neighbour celebrating her sweet sixteen to enter and cook a cake in his kitchen and the pizza delivery guy stays with the boys until they pay him.  (Doesn't Mr. Cuarón know that in the highly insecure Mexico City nobody lets a stranger in his house?) During this encounter, we will learn that Moko is in love with Flama, the girl is actually celebrating her birthday since everybody at home forgot all about it, and the pizza man finds out how frustrated he is with his life and leaves everything behind in order to start a new life.

If up to now you have the feeling to be watching a very common and predictable story, add abundant, discursive and forced metaphors between the four characters and on the behaviour of ducks behaviour - thanks to a painting hanging on the wall. Add to this Flama's crisis caused by the continuous arguments of his divorcing parents, the musical score which reinforces with excessive bad taste the most supposed poetic moments and a director unable to make up for the many flaws of the script and you'll get 91 unbearable minutes of a pretentious and preposterous picture which, had it not been supported by the commercial machinery surrounding Cuarón, most certainly would have never been made.

Dr Mario Humberto Zamora Del Cueto PhD.

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