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Funny Books - Father Knows Best 2007 Calendar

Father Knows Best Wall Calendar 2007
12 X 12
Ronnie Sellers Productions Inc 2007

Father Still Hasn't Realized That No One In The House Really Believes He Knows Best is the real title of the Father Knows Best 2007 wall calendar from Ronnie Sellers Productions, a company based in Maine that specializes in notebooks, note cards, calendars and whose book division has a few joke collection books I especially like.

The Father Knows Best 2007 calendar for your wall is a nice 12 x 12 format and it really looks cool. Each separate month features a large black and white picture of a fatherly looking man. Some of these men look befuddled, some at the end of their rope, and some just really, really tired. Appropriately enough, each picture page is a manly color.

Much like the complete title of this 2007 calendar, each page has a line in big, bold letters with a different, funny line in the middle that changes everything. For example Father -still hasn't realized that no one in the house really believes he-Knows Best!

Unlike some calendars I have seen in stores, the back of this product gives you a picture of every month's picture so you know what you are paying for and going to get. The pictures and captions in this 2007 calendar are appropriate for any home or business environment.

The only problem I have with the Father Knows Best 2007 calendar is two of my colleagues became fathers last month and I know if I give it to one of them the other is going to want one too.

This is a great gag gift for dad, any dad old and new. Why wait until father's day, which you are probably going to forget anyway, and give this funny gift to day now.

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