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Funny Books - Jam-Packed Foxtrot - Bill Amend


Jam-Packed Foxtrot
Bill Amend
Andrews McMeel 2006
191 pages

There is no jam in Jam-Packed FoxTrot by Bill Amend but it does include the Universal Press Syndicate FoxTrot comic strips from the collections titled Orlando Bloom Has Ruined Everything, My Hot Dog Went Out, Can I Have Another?, and How Come I'm Always Luigi? This is a witty, trendy, and very family friendly cartoon the whole family can enjoy not only because it is clean but there is a character everybody in the family can relate to.

Foxtrot Cartoon


© 2006 by Bill Amend. Reprinted with permission of Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC.

Though the Orlando Bloom references in the early pages of Jam-Packed FoxTrot are already lost on me and I really, really doubt many readers got the terrible "Leaf Garret" pun in one autumn color comic strip -Bill Amend really cannot resist even the most terrible puns-there are more than a few classic strips here that I am sure ended up on the fridge after being published in say, the Boston Globe. This is especially true of the strip where the father goes to a running shoe store and chooses the $219.95 Mach X Speedster over the $59.95 Slugster.

A personal favorite in this FoxTrot anthology is the series of comic strips where Jason (probably named after the Halloween character if you ask me) and his best friend play video games outside by creating snow versions of Pac-Man, Asteroids, and so on. The strip from Jam-Packed FoxTrot I would have put on my fridge is the one where Jason (again, guess he is the character I most relate to?) bakes a gingerbread man cookie in the nude with the shirt, socks, pants, and underwear next to it on the same tray.

If, unlike many other fans of this strip, you have not bought the three collections that are included in this cartoon anthology, Jam-Packed Foxtrot will certainly entertain you. This Bill Amend anthology also makes for a really good, entertaining, and long-lasting -most people keep these things forever-gift.

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