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Funny Books - College! The Best 7 Years Of My Life - 2007 Calendar

College! The Best 7 Years Of My Life
Retro Spoof 2007 Calendar 16 Months
Wall size 12 X 12
Ronnie Sellers Productions

It's not that College! The Best 7 Years Of My Life is a bad 2007 wall size calendar. The retro style illustrations and the jokes are pretty good. The problem is this 2007 calendar seems to have been put together by some guy on spring break the morning after a binge so the funny jokes in the caption and the cool picture have nothing to do with the month in question. For example, the Spring Break cartoon is for the month of August, the Finals joke is set for September, and Tuition is used to illustrate May.

This really made me wonder if there was an in-joke I was missing. We have had the pleasure of receiving a few of the many, many fine calendars and joke book collections from the nice people at Ronnie Sellers Productions and College! The Best 7 Years of My Life is way below their usual high standards.

The retro illustrations, which remind me of the kind of diner art you used to see, are really well-done. The captions, such as Finals! One Last Chance To Find The Classroom or College! Helping Young People Avoid The Real World Since 1636 are very funny and would certainly look great on any dorm room wall or closet door. But, as was mentioned before, the captions and the months simply do not match.

College! The Best 7 Years Of My Life! Wall size 2007 calendar is, unfortunately, a pass.

However, if you are looking for a really cool calendar to give to friends and family, check out our review for the Father Knows Best (aka Father still hasn't realized that no one in the house really believes he Knows Best), Mother Knows Best (also known as Mother finds it hilarious that anyone actually believes that father Knows Best) or the slightly sexist but very funny Men! Proof That God Has A Sense Of Humor! Also from this fine publisher.

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