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Funny Books - A Million Little Pieces of Close to Home

A Million Little Pieces of Close To Home
A Close To Home Collection
John McPherson
Andrews McMeel 2006
144 pages

I enjoy the Close To Home comic strip by John McPherson so much it was a given I would enjoy the latest collection, A Million Little Pieces Of Close To Home. This is without a doubt the syndicated cartoon I expect the most of and McPherson rarely, if ever, lets me down. Consequently, to be fair in this review I had to be a little unfair and raise the bar a bit. This comic strip collection from Andrews McMeel, home of all the really cool books, passed the test in spades.

If you are not familiar with Close to Home by John McPherson it is either because you are not of this world or you read one of those dry newspapers with no sports section and no comics.  Everybody else on the planet knows McPherson's strip is witty, a little caustic at times, and a great observation of our daily foibles and the absurdity of every day life.


© 2006 by John McPherson.  Reprinted with permission of Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC.

© 2006 by John McPherson.  Reprinted with permission of Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC.

A Million Little Pieces of Close to Home features quite a few really brilliant cartoon panels. Page 88 has an artistically interesting and visually challenging panel featuring M.C. Escher as a child. Right next to that is a panel with a girl who, instead of a lemonade stand, sells embarrassing family secrets for a dollar. This collection also features a few golf jokes, a couple of God doing some skywriting gags, and a few really funny comics aimed at computer geeks.

Personal favorites in this latest Close To Home Collection -and you will have your own-are Wayne Gretzky as a newspaper delivery boy, the biological clock, the Chrysler Noo-Yawka strip, and the kid who snuck a Shop Vac up his sleeve to get rid of his vegetables.

There are a few weak spots here and there. The old HMO employee getting to the pearly gates gag is here and the Charlie Brown salute looks like it was rushed. Still, a Close to Home collection is still a great thing to have and A Million Little Pieces of Close To Home is a must. It makes a great gift for anyone who has a sense of humor and anyone who likes a good comic panel.

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