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Funny Books - Mother Knows Best 2007 Calendar

Mother Knows Best
2007 Calendar
Ronnie Sellers Productions 2007
Wall calendar

Mother Knows Best is a really funny 2007 wall sized calendar. Its fifties style black and white pictures of various usually happy looking homemakers will look good in any room while the captions will certainly get your attention and make you laugh. The colors for the various months are also pretty cool.

Mother Knows Best relies on reading between the lines to get the joke. The real title of this 12 X 12 2007 calendar is Mother finds it hilarious that anyone actually believes that father knows best.  All twelve other pages (one for each month of course) feature that kind of humor. A couple of personal favorites are Let's Make Brownies (aka Let's Make believe and pretend that Mom has free time to make Brownies!) and Now We're Cooking (aka picking up the phone instead of).

All the jokes here are in good taste so even a church-going, PTA, Republican soccer mom will get a chuckle or a guffaw out of this 2007 calendar.

The Mother Knows Best 2007 calendar has almost universal appeal. Most holidays are noted unless they are French or in Quebec.  Any mother will be happy to receive this as a gift. If you are unsure whether or not she has a sense of humor, just remember: she raised you, didn't she?

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