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Funny Books - David Sedaris - Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim - The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set


Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim
The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set
Read by David Sedaris
5 CD Audio Book
Hachette Book Group 2006

Of the 6 David Sedaris Audio Book CD sets included in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set, Dress Your Family In Denim And Corduroy is the most unusual. This about an unusual essayist and biographical story teller whose darkly comic tales have made the joy of yours truly and many NPR and This American Life listeners. Of course, various members of the Sedaris family make an appearance in some of the stories, including brother Paul "The Rooster". There is also a Christmas story of sorts, the very funny and live version of 6 to 8 Black Men on the Dutch version of Santa Claus.

David Sedaris Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim

David Sedaris' trademark is darkly comic autobiographical essays. CD 1 of Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim opens with such an essay, Us And Them, about neighbors who are weird because they do not believe in television. Also included here are Let It Snow about a rare snowfall in North Carolina, the Sedaris kids being thrown out of the house for the day, and the rather radical method thy come up with to be let in. The Ship Shape, the third comic essay, about buying a new house, is not particularly interesting. Full House, about an all male slumber party, is definitely weird as Sedaris gets to win at strip poker in a roomful of young boys. Consider The Stars, about how Sedaris is embarrassed by his old man when he confronts a local boy's family about a schoolyard incident.

CD 2 of this David Sedaris audio book opens with a story about a rich relative. This may sound banal but there is nothing banal about the Sedaris family, even the extended part. No once enterprising youth will fail to connect with The Change In Me about how the essayist and a friend milked people for change at a race and fair. Hejira, another essay, is not as good as the others on this CD. Slumus Lordicus, about how his parents got involved in real estate and had to deal with various bizarre tenants in one of their tenements, is quite enjoyable but not particularly dark.

This lack of darkness in Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim is what makes this particular David Sedaris audio book CD set stand out from the others in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set. The stories and essays here are, generally, far more autobiographical and episodic than the usual caustic stuff Sedaris writes and tells. Still, The Girl Next Door, about the author living next to a single mother and an apparently endearing young girl neighbor, certainly catches the listener by surprise. Sedaris' usual weird characters are back in the story Blood Work about his days as a cleaning man. The End of the Affair, from the time he spent in France, is another minor bit. Repeat After Me, which closes CD 3, is much better performed live on the Live At Carnegie Hall Sedaris CD also included in the Ultimate Box Set. Sedaris live has much more energy than in studio and a live audience response really improves his timing.

This is also obvious in Six to Eight Black Men, a live version of which opens CD 4. It is followed by another live track, Rooster At The Hitching Post, which is about brother Paul's wedding. Possession is another Paris era essay / story about apartment hunting in the city of lights. The closing essay here is Put A Lid On It is a rather bizarre story about sister Tiffany's lifestyle as a scrounger and garage picker that drives the neat freak in David Sedaris absolutely nuts.

The fifth CD in this David Sedaris audio book includes somewhat failed stories like A Can of Worms, and Chicken in the Henhouse about a low-budget hotel the author stayed at while on tour. Who's the Chef?, another Paris story, is also banal. Baby Einstein, no relation to the DVD series, is another good story about the Rooster, this time about the birth of his first child. Even when it comes to pregnancy and having babies the Sedaris family does things very differently. "I was on the front porch drowning a mouse in a bucket when a van pulled up, which is strange." is how Nuit of the Living Dead opens. This bit closes Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim and has a lot to do with French urban legends, Sedaris' personal fears, and mice. This story is much more to my personal liking

Dress Your Family In Corduroy And Denim may not be my favorite David Sedaris audio book CD set in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set simply because the essays lack the usual bite the essayist is known for. As part of a box set though it is rather enjoyable. Fortunately, the CDs include a track list so you can easily skip the lesser stuff and go quickly to the really good and funny stories.


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