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Funny Books - David Sedaris - Barrel Fever in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set


Barrel Fever
The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set
Read by David Sedaris and Amy Sedaris
3 CD Audio Book
Hachette Book Group 2006

Of the 6 audio book CD sets in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set, Barrel Fever, a 3 CD set is the one I will least be listening to. The essays and stories here are a bit disjointed and feel either incomplete or too long. Sedaris' usual caustic and dark humor is present but there is nothing in Barrel Fever that particularly stands out. As part of The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set, this audio book set is okay. As a separate item, I would suggest something else by Sedaris.

David Sedaris Barrel Fever 

CD 1 of Barrel Fever by David Sedaris includes Drag, Giantess (about Sedaris supposedly writing for a seedy men's magazine), You Can't Kill The Rooster, about his brother Paul, and one of the better comic stories here. Also included are Parade, which to me seems to be a story focused more on celebrity name dropping within imagined gay love relationships (the character fantasizes on having an affair with both Bruce Springsteen and Charlton Heston). Amy Sedaris reads and performs The Last You'll Hear From Me, a very, very long letter a woman writes and that she wants read at her funeral. Though this is one of Amy Sedaris' better readings, the story itself, though funny, feels long.

I have no idea what to make of Glen's Homophobia News Letter Vol. 3 # 2 that opens CD 2 of Barrel Fever, one of the 6 audio book CD sets included in The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set. The title piece, Barrel Fever makes up for a large part of this second CD. Those who know Sedaris' work will immediately see this is not as autobiographical a dark, comic essay as it seems. This is another long piece, some 45 minutes in fact whose first ten minutes are much better than the rest.

Also pretty good, is Don's Story, a fake and 20-minute long Academy Award acceptance speech that is the first track on CD 3. Again, I am not quite sure what to make of the other tracks, Golden Moments, and TattleTale, about how Sedaris started a diary and other bits and pieces of stories.

This is perhaps why I am not a big fan of Barrel Fever. Each piece seems to be a collage of unfinished stories.

Barrel Fever is not the best audio book CD set in The Ultimate David Box Set but the quality of the other five audio books in it more than makes up for it.

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