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Foreign Comedy - Australia - Better Than Sex


Better Than Sex
David Wenham, Susie Porter, Kris McQuade
Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky
Australia 2000
90 minutes

When Harry Met Sally Sleeping In Seattle they had Better Than Sex. This Australian movie is  an unusual and adult romantic comedy DVD. Being made down under, you know this is going to be unusual. What makes Better Than Sex work is you really get the feeling these are real people and not some screen version of what a cute guy and a cute girl having what was to be a one-night stand should be like.

Josh (David Wenham; Faramir in Lord of the Rings and Van Helsing) is a photographer who meets Cin, who does something in life, at a party and she invites him up for coffee -nudge, nudge, wink, wink. He stays for three days during which Josh and Cin have to figure out if this casual sex thing is more than what they expected.

This may sound fairly ordinary but Better Than Sex is certainly original. Writer director Jonathan Teplitzky uses some funny stream of consciousness bits during their lovemaking, especially Cin's, to tell the viewer what is really going on. There are also some Big Brother confession booth segments with some of Cin and Josh's friends commenting on various aspects of being in a casual or serious relationship. Also fun are the bits where Cin's many girlfriends all phone each other up to comments on the latest developments.

This Australian comedy on DVD also works because it is very real. Teplitzky cleverly uses a taxi driver (Kris McQuade) as a deus ex machine to get Josh to do the right, intelligent thing a couple of times and while you know it is a device he gets away with it.

There are also a couple of absolutely brilliant scenes in this Australian comedy. One especially involving Josh the next morning answering the call of nature and picking up his underwear off the floor in a manner familiar to any guy on the planet. I also liked the scene where Josh says they should go out for a bite and Cin takes quite a while getting prepared. This is another scene any guy with a girlfriend is familiar with.

If nudity bothers you, skip Better Than Sex. This is not erotica by any means but real people do undress when they are having sex. If you like an intelligent, realistic, witty romantic comedy, Better Than Sex is much, much better than average.

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