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Comedy Reviews - CD - Lorne Elliott - More Lorne Elliott Than You Probably Need In Your Life

More Lorne Elliott Than You Probably Need In Your Life? I beg to differ. We all need a little Lorne Elliott in our lives. There is nothing quite like a funny and personable stand-up comic and funny guy to add spice and laughs to life. Lorne Elliott is the very funny comic and occasional singer host of CBC's Madly Off In All Directions, a weekly half-hour show featuring Lorne Elliott and another stand-up comic or funny song writer or two. More Lorne Elliott Than You Probably Need is a very good collection of his best material from a couple three years ago.

I am not a big fan of funny songs but Lorne Elliott is slowly starting to convert me to the genre. Tonight's the Night We're Gonna Get Granny Plastered and J.S. Bach are two very funny and entertaining songs. I find most funny songs just goofy and immature but these two by Lorne Elliott are very funny and Tonight's the Night just makes you want to sing along. Lorne Elliott also writes funny poems and on More Lorne Elliott Than You Probably Need In Your Life you get two of his very best: The Downsizing of Nate McGraw (a very funny spoof of The Shooting of Dan McGrew) and Ode to a Dead Battery; you got to hear that one to believe it.

Lorne Elliott not only sings (I bet he dances too but I haven't seen the show live yet) and writes funny poems, but he also tells very funny stories. More Lorne Elliott Than You Probably Need In Your Life has a very funny story of the stand-up comic auditioning for the Ladies League of Community Values and getting "the boys" caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mice in the House and Ice Storm are two of the other very funny stories on this 15-track very funny comedy cd.

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