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Articles - Jim Gaffigan - The Comedy Network Presents Jim Gaffigan

The Comedy Network Presents Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan
Beyond The Pale
The Comedy Network
Saturday January 13, 2007 10:00 P.M.
January 14 1:30 A.M.

Jim Gaffigan is a very funny stand-up comic and on Saturday January 13, 2007, Canadians will have the opportunity to watch Gaffigan's latest stand-up comedy show on The Comedy Network. Beyond The Pale is a solid performance though the title is a misnomer. Beyond the Pale means in bad taste or from the wrong side of the tracks but there is nothing in Gaffigan's comedy that is in bad taste and the guy looks more like an accountant -sans glasses-than someone from the wrong side of the tracks.

Click left button to hear our interview with Jim Gaffigan about his Comedy Network Special and other stuff.

The title of Gaffigan's show on The Comedy Network refers to his being a very blonde, pale skinned guy. Though there is nothing objectionable in this show this is still a stand-up comedy performance adults will enjoy. If you like food, Gaffigan is your guy. A lot of this show is the comic's take on food from going to the restaurant, delivery, desert, cakes, and Xtreme food. This segues into jokes about holiday traditions, birthday cards, birthdays and presents, gifts (excellent, excellent stuff), before going back to food and how it might feel about the experience.

Gaffigan's forte is original observational comedy on mundane topics and the segue. This stand-up comic does not believe in using "speaking about" or "this reminds me" as a way to go from one topic to another. Beyond The Pale is a tight, polished, intelligent set.

After a bit about meeting his in-laws and weird people, Gaffigan closes with a longer piece about Jesus, Catholics, mass, confession, and heaven as a gated community. This is as edgy as this comic gets and even then there is nothing to offend anyone.

Jim Gaffigan, he's the comic who does sotto voce commentary on his act as he goes along, is proof you do not have to work blue, be an in your face comedian, or be controversial to put together a solid, interesting, fresh performance.

For those who, for some bizarre reason, miss Jim Gaffigan Beyond the Pale on the Comedy Network on Saturday January 13, 2007 at 10:00 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. you can get the DVD version of the show. It features a few more tracks and extras.

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