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Comedy Reviews - CD - Moody McCarthy - The Night It Went Well

Moody McCarthy
The Night It Went Well
Independent Release Comedy CD
45 minutes

The Night It Went Well, the first stand-up comedy CD by New York comic Moody McCarthy, is a case of truth in advertising. This is forty-five minutes of fast-paced, funny, original material where even the couple of groaners at the end of the show will make you laugh. I prefer my comedy in long form, a funny story, than the short one-liner or very short bit Moody McCarthy goes for but I have to admit there is not one bad moment in the more than twenty-five topics he covers in the forty five minutes of this comedy CD.

This is solid stuff. McCarthy has the most original Halloween joke I have ever heard and to my knowledge he is the first comic to jump on the wind farm bandwagon. Though this comedy CD was recorded in Ottawa, the comic is from New York, but not New Yawk though, so he opens with a few Yank in Canada, Celsius vs. Fahrenheit jokes. Many comic do that up here, few, like McCarthy, go beyond the usual catalogue of possible jokes.

Most of the material on this CD segues very well, something rather impressive considering the wide range McCarthy covers during his set. Most impressive though is how original he can make well-worn topics such as dating, his high school days (you have to hear it to believe it), restaurants, and computers, though he does over explain his Melissa Virus joke. He also tackles more original material such as cross-country running and, close to my own heart, the advantages of being an uncle and not a parent.

Also solid is his prequel sequel bit and all the other material.

The Night It Went Well is not all truth in advertising. McCarthy promises early on he has done his last of three toilet jokes but sneaks a couple more in later on in the set. Also, for some reason a listener gets the feeling the comic is being rushed off the stage by management at the end of his show. He hangs in there for a couple more jokes since, this is, after all the night he killed.

If there is one thing I disliked about this independent release stand-up comedy CD it is its ugly-ass cover. McCarthy's website is also not particularly user friendly when it comes to getting this CD, try your luck at cdbaby.

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